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Medical Hill Seminar Series

Starting in the autumn of 2016, research seminars will be arranged Wednesdays at 15.00 hrs. Please contact the coordinators Bengt Hallberg and Ruth Palmer for suggestions and/or questions.

Read more about about the seminar series in Akademiliv.


Adhesion networks in cancer

Temporal control of neural stem cell identity and fate in CNS development

2017-02-01Greg Findlay, University of DundeeSignalling Modules that Control Embryonic Stem Cell IdentityRuth PalmerArvid Carlsson
2017-02-08Fred Wittinghofer, Max-Planck-Institut, Dortmund, TysklandCilia sorting and trafficking regulated by Arf-related proteinsRuth Palmer, Bengt HallbergArvid Carlsson
2017-02-15[no event] [school Feb holiday week]  
2017-02-22Jan Holmgren, Institute of Biomedicine, GUMucosal vaccines – from oral cholera vaccines to (?) vaccines against allergies and autoimmune diseaseRuth PalmerArvid Carlsson
2017-02-28David Bryder, Lund UniversityHematopoietic stem and progenitor hierarchies in health and diseaseClaes Gustafsson Ivan Östholm
2017-03-01Peter Brzezinski, Dept. of Biochem. and Biophysic, Stockholm U.Supramolecular Interactions within the Respiratory ChainClaes Gustafsson Arvid Carlsson
2017-03-07Philipp Kaldis, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, SingaporeMetabolism during liver regenerationClaes GustafssonArvid Carlsson
2017-03-08Robert Ernst, Goethe-University FrankfurtThe activation of the unfolded protein response by lipid bilayer stressMarc PilonArvid Carlsson
2017-03-15Elizabeth Veal, Newcastle University Institute for AgeingResponding to stress; lessons from yeast, worms and mathematical modelsGautam KaoArvid Carlsson
2017-03-22Camilla Sjögren, Karolinska Institute, StockholmDNA supercoiling – a positive force in genome stabilityMaria Falkenberg
Arvid Carlsson 
2017-03-29Mikael Sigvardsson, Avdelningen för Molekylär Hematologi, Lund universitetMolecular regulation of normal and malignant B-cell development.Bengt HallbergArvid Carlsson

Gunnar C Hansson, Göteborgs universitet

Too little or too much - mucus and diseases of the intestine and lungBengt HallbergArvid Carlsson
2017-04-12[no event][school Easter holiday week]  
2017-04-19Margaret Frame, Dept of Biomedicine, Edinburgh U.Adhesion networks in cancerRuth Palmer Arvid Carlsson
2017-04-26Anna Wredenberg, Karolinska Inst.Mitochondrial RNA metabolism in health and diseaseMaria FalkenbergIvan Ivarsson
2017-05-03Hector Herranz (University of Copenhagen)A fly approach to cancerRuth Palmer 

Arvid Carlsson

2017-05-10John Diffley, The Francis Crick Institute, LondonHow our genomes are copiedMaria FalkenbergIvan Östholm
2017-05-17Stefan Luschnig, University of MuensteBuilding contacts between three cells: the formation and dynamics of tricellular junctions in epitheliaAnne UvArvid Carlsson
2017-05-24Susanne Schlisio, Ludwig Cancer Research Institute, KI.O2-sensing during sympathetic nervous system development and associated malignanciesRuth PalmerIvan Ivarsson
2017-05-31Marco Demaria, University of Groningen.
Groningen, Netherlands
From tumor suppression to tumor promotion: the danger of multitasking senescent cellsAnders StåhlbergArvid Carlsson
2017-06-07Robert C. Doebele, University of ColoradoEGFR signaling mediates persistence following targeted therapy in cancer cells with oncogene fusionsBengt HallbergArvid Carlsson


(obs datum)

William Weiss,
University of California
Modeling and treating neural malignancies Bengt HallbergIvan Ivarsson


(obs datum)

Arminda Suli,
One fish, two fish, transgenic fish, fluorescent fish: Using zebrafish to understand neurocircuitry development.Alexandra AbramssonArvid Carlsson
2017-06-19Polly Matzinger, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Rockville, USThe danger model: applications for maternal-fetal immunity, transplantation and tumorsÅsa Torinsson NaluaiArvid Carlsson
   Höst 2017  
2017-08-23Dr. Philipp Gunz, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology"The first of our kind. How fossils and genes force us to rethink the evolution of Homo sapiens"Magnus BraideCarl Kylberg

Charles L. Bevins, University of California Davis School of Medicine

"Paneth Cell Antimicrobial Peptides and Proteins: Keeping Peace in the Small Intestine"Malin Johansson              Ivan Ivarsson 
2017-09-13Trent Woodruff, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia“A key role for complement C5aR1 signalling in brain: from neurodevelopment to neurodegeneration”Marcela PeknaArvid Carlsson
2017-09-20Christiane Nuesslein-Volhard "The development of colour patterns in fishes: Towards an understanding of the evolution of beauty"Ruth PalmerArvid Carlsson
2017-09-27Teemu Miettinen, MIT Boston"Cell size – a guardian of cellular fitness?
Connecting cells’ biophysical dimensions to cellular metabolism and functionality"

Claes Gustafsson

Arvid Carlsson
2017-10-04Aristidis Moustakas, 
Uppsala universitet
"Plasticity in tumor cell differentiation"Bengt HallbergArvid Carlsson
2017-10-11 [not yet booked] Arvid Carlsson
2017-10-18Andrei Chabes, Umeå University“dNTPs and maintenance of genome stability”

Anders Ranegaard Clausen


Arvid Carlsson
2017-10-25Roland Le Borgne, Université Rennes"Coordination of permeability barrier remodeling and completion of cytokinesis in proliferative epithelial tissues”Maria Teresa Vidal-QuadrasArvid Carlsson
2017-11-01[no event][school fall break]  
2017-11-08Claes Gustafsson, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

"The human mitochondrial genome and its expression.”Ruth PalmerIvan Ivarsson 
2017-11-13Robert Ramsay,
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Melbourne, Australia
"A lab-based researchers adventures into clinical trials: from cancer surgery to immunotherapy trials"Goran StenmanIvan Ivarsson
2017-11-15Anna Blom, Department of Translational Medicine, Lund University"Intracellular roles of complement proteins" Gunnar HanssonIvan Ivarsson
2017-11-23Andrew Barnes, University of Queensland, Australia “Sweet Memories: Acquired immunity to carbohydrates in fish”Sara LindenIvan Ivarsson
2017-11-29Maréne Landström, Umeå universitet"The role of TGFbeta to promote aggressive prostate cancer growth and metastasis"Bengt HallbergArvid Carlsson

 Jakub Sedzinski, Copenhagen University

"How to fit in? Emergence of epithelial cell surface in vivo” Maria Teresa Vidal-Quadras Arvid Carlsson

 Alessandro Costa, The Francis Crick Institute London

"Eukaryotic DNA replication studied by cryo-electron microscopy" Maria FalkenbergArvid Carlsson
2017-12-20 [not yet booked] Arvid Carlsson

 Seminars 2018

Date SpeakerSubject HostVenue
2018-01-03 [not yet booked]  
2018-01-10 [not yet booked]  Arvid Carlsson
2018-01-17 David Gisselsson Nord, Lund University“Evolutionary strategies in childhood cancer”

 Ruth Palmer

Tommy Martinsson

2018-01-21 [not yet booked]  
2018-01-31James Steward, Max Planck Institute[not yet booked]Maria Falkenberg Arvid Cárlsson
2018-02-07 [not yet booked]  
2018-02-14 No eventSchool break  Arvid Carlsson
2018-02-21    Arvid Carlsson
2018-02-28    Arvid Carlsson
2018-03-07 Prof. Gunter Meister  Chandrasekhar Kanduri Arvid Carlsson
2018-03-14 Christoph Schaub, Friedich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg “A novel functional connection between the Hippo and non-apoptotic caspase pathways during muscle transdifferentiation” Georg Wolfstetter TBA
2018-03-21    Arvid Carlsson
2018-03-28    Arvid Carlsson
2018-04-04 No eventEaster holidays  Arvid Carlsson
2018-04-11    Arvid Carlsson
2018-04-18Peter Parker, The Francis Crick Institute London “A G2 checkpoint defective in cancer – emergent PKC dependencies” Ruth Palmer TBA
2018-05-02    Arvid Carlsson
2018-05-09    Arvid Carlsson
2018-05-16Reserved for Chandra Chandrasekhar Kanduri 
2018-05-23    Arvid Carlsson
2018-05-30    Arvid Carlsson
2018-06-06  Holiday 
2018-06-13   Arvid Carlsson
2018-0620   Arvid Carlsson


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