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Medical Hill Seminar Series 2018

Starting in the autumn of 2016, research seminars will be arranged Wednesdays at 15.00 hrs. Please contact the coordinators Bengt Hallberg and Ruth Palmer for suggestions and/or questions.

Read more about about the seminar series in Akademiliv.


Adhesion networks in cancer

Temporal control of neural stem cell id”Genetic features of soft tissue tumorsentity and fate in CNS development

 Seminars 2018

Date             Speaker             Subject                      Host                     Venue                 
2018-01-17 David Gisselsson Nord, Lund University“Evolutionary strategies in childhood cancer”

 Ruth Palmer

Tommy Martinsson

 T Bjurström
2018-01-31James Steward, Max Planck Institute"Mouse models of Mitochondrial DNA disease – How to engineer an un-manipulatable genome."


Maria Falkenberg Arvid Cárlsson
2018-02-14 No eventSchool break  Arvid Carlsson
2018-03-14 Christoph Schaub, Friedich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg “A novel functional connection between the Hippo and non-apoptotic caspase pathways during muscle transdifferentiation” Georg Wolfstetter Ragnar Sandberg
2018-04-04 No eventEaster holidays  Arvid Carlsson
2018-04-11 Peter Parker, The Francis Crick Institute London  “A G2 checkpoint defective in cancer – emergent PKC dependencies” Ruth Palmer Arvid Carlsson
2018-05-16Prof. Gunter Meister, University of Regensburg, Germany "Insights into non-coding RNA pathways guide by microRNAs and circular RNAs
Chandrasekhar Kanduri Ragnar Sandberg
2018-05-22Jerrold R. Turner, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Pathology and Medicine, Harvard Medical School
"The two faces of claudin-2 and mucosal defense of the gut".Gunnar HanssonT Bjurström

 Prof. Marta Miaczynska, International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IIMCB), Warsaw




 Inflammatory signaling from the endocytic pathway Ruth Palmer Arvid Carlsson
2018-05-30Professor Barbara Nowak från University of Tasmania “How to measure fish health – from Antarctica to Greenland” Sara Linden Arvid Carlsson
2018-06-06  National Holiday  
2018-06-13 Prof. Fabio Costa

Institute of Biology, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil

 ”Novel insights into malaria immunopathogenesis” Per SunnerhagenArvid Carlsson
  Autumn Seminars  
2018-09-05 Roger Daly, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. ‘Kinase and Pseudokinase Signalling Networks in Human Cancer.’ Ruth PalmerNils Nilsson 

 Ingela Parmryd, Göteborg Universitet 


 "Nanodomains and molecular clustering in T cell signalling”. Bengt HallbergArvid Carlsson 
2018-10-01Dr Ordan J Lehmann
Professor, Ophthalmology and Medical Genetics, Alberta , Canada
”From glaucoma to stroke – a lengthy odyssey in the company of Foxes"Bengt HallbergNils Nilsson 
2018-10-03Jan Larsson, Umeå University“Chromosome-specific gene regulation and targeting in Drosophila”Ruth PalmerIvan Ivarsson 
2018-10-10 Lars-Anders Carlson, Umeå Universitet  "Studies of virus replication using cryo-electron tomography and in vitro reconstitution."

Ka-Wei TangIvan Ivarsson 
2018-10-17 Neil McDonald, Francis Crick Institute, UK “Structural biology of the neurotrophic factor GDNF and its receptors” Ruth PalmerArvid Carlsson 
2018-10-24 Professor Jeff Whitsett, Cincinnati Children's hospital 
“Building and Repairing the Lung a Single Cell at a Time”
 Malin JohanssonArvid Carlsson 
2018-10-31 Prof Steven M. Pollard, The University of Edinburgh, UK "Elucidating the transcriptional and epigenetic resetting underpinning malignant brain tumours" Helena Carén Arvid Carlsson 
2018-11-07 Lucy Collinson, Francis Crick Institute, UK “Correlative Imaging: From Cells to Stars” Ruth PalmerArvid Carlsson 
2018-11-13Professor Ramnik Xavier, Harvard Medial School, Boston "Genetics, Immunity and Microbiota in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases"Gunnar HanssonRagnar Sandberg
2018-11-14 Professor Michael Kann, University of Gothenburg "Passing the nuclear envelope: there are other ways than classical nuclear transport. A lesson from parvovirus interaction with the nuclear pore.” magnus.lindh@microbio.gu.seArvid Carlsson 
2018-11-21 Rani George, Harvard Medical School.“The CTCF paralog, BORIS promotes novel chromatin regulatory interactions in cancer cells. “ Ruth PalmerIvan Ivarsson 
2018-11-27William A. Weiss, MD-PhD
University of California,
"mechanisms and models for neural cancers"Chandrasekhar Kanduri Tor Bjurström 
2018-11-28 Dr Margit Mahlapuu
Assoc. Prof in Genetics
”STK25 – a critical determinant in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis”  Bengt HallbergArvid Carlsson 
2018-12-05 Tor Erik Rusten, Oslo University Hospital. “Drosophila insights on tumor-host interactions” Ruth PalmerArvid Carlsson 
2018-12-12Prof., Schleiermacher Gudrun
Institut Curie
 "Clonal evolution studied by circulating tumor DNA in pediatric cancer" Tommy MartinssonArvid Carlsson 
2018-12-19   Arvid Carlsson 
   Year 2019  
2019-01-16 Mattias Carlsten "Improving adoptive NK cell immunotherapy against cancer by modulation of cellular migration" Fredrik Bergh Thorén Nils Nilsson 
2019-01-23   Arvid Carlsson 
2019-01-29Anders Jacobsen Skanderup (Genome Institute of Singapore"Deciphering the non-coding cancer genome”Erik Larsson LekholmArvid Carlsson
2019-02-06Erik Larsson Lekholm,Professor, Avd för medicinsk kemi och cellbiologi“Genomic mutational heterogeneity and the search for non-coding cancer driver mutations”Ruth PalmerArvid Carlsson 
2019-02-13 Rene deWaal Malefyt, Merck Research Labs, Palo Alto, CA"Immune therapy in cancer" Sukanya Raghavan Arvid Carlsson 

 Sven Enerbäck, Göteborg universitet

 “How Foxk1 and Foxk2 regulate aerobic glycolysis” Ruth PalmerArvid Carlsson 
2019-02-27 Aishe Angeletti Sarshad, Medkem Göteborg universitetArgonaute-miRNA Complexes Silence Target mRNAs in the Nucleus of Mammalian Stem Cells   Ruth PalmerArvid Carlsson 
2019-03-06   Arvid Carlsson 
2019-03-13Wolfgang Knect, Lund University   TBA anders.clausen@gu.seArvid Carlsson 
2019-03-20 Rickard Sandberg, Karolinska Institutet "Investigating transcriptional dynamics using single-cell RNA-sequencing Ruth PalmerArvid Carlsson 
2019-03-27   Arvid Carlsson 
2019-04-03   Arvid Carlsson 
2019-04-10Prof. Bertrand Joseph
Karolinska Institutet (Institute of Environmental Medicine), Stockholm
" Molecular cancer: Cell death signaling, glioblastoma, brain inflammation " anetta.hartlova@gu.seTor Bjurström
2019-04-17   Arvid Carlsson
2019-05-08   Arvid Carlsson
2019-05-15   Arvid Carlsson
2019-05-22   Arvid Carlsson
2019-05-29   Arvid Carlsson
2019-06-19   Arvid Carlsson


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