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The Antisecretory Factor Group

Eva Jennische research group

Antisecretory Factor (AF) – from basal characterization to clinical applications

In this project we are studying the protein Antisecretory Factor (AF/S5a) which was identified and cloned in our group 1995. AF has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-secretory effects. AF is activated after exposure to bacterial toxins and after intake of specified food components. Our clinical studies have shown that regimes aiming at increasing AF-activity is beneficial in diseases in which inflammation and/or secretory disturbances are important, e.g. inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Meniere`s disease, infant diarrhoea or mastitis.
AF has a moleular weight of 43 kD and the active part is an eight amino acid long sequense in the N-terminal part of the protein. A somewhat longer peptide, AF-16, is stable and is used for experimental studies. Our present work aims at clarifying the mechanism of action for AF and at identifying further patient groups which might benefit from AF-therapy.

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Group members

Eva Jennische, MD, associate professor
Ewa Johansson, PhD
Ingela Jonsson, BMA
Stefan Lange, MD, professor
Mohamed Al-Olama, PhD student

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