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Studying novel immunization strategies and the mode of action of vaccines and adjuvants

Ali Harandi research group

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Today new challenges in vaccine development, including the emergence of new pathogens and inadequate protection provided by some of the existing vaccines have prompted vaccine research to move from empirical approaches towards more rationally engineered and pathogen tailored vaccines. One important tool in vaccine development today is adjuvants. Besides alum, which has been traditionally used in many of the vaccines on the market today, only a handful of adjuvants are included in licensed human vaccines. Our group has a long-standing interest in the development and studying vaccine adjuvants and new immunization approaches to elicit mucosal immunity, in particular against sexually transmitted infections. Understanding the mode of actions of vaccines and adjuvants represents another area of intense research in Ali Harandi’s group.

A deeper understanding of the mechanisms of action of vaccines as pertain to their interaction with innate and adaptive immune system on a molecular level may facilitate the development of vaccines that selectively target certain immune responses and devoid of untoward reactogenicity. Our group has recently been involved in three European Commission funded collaborative projects with the main objectives of enhancing our understanding of the mechanism of action of vaccines and adjuvants and identifying the biomarkers of immunogenicity and immune safety of vaccines. In fact, we seek to harness the power of Omics and other cutting edge technologies combined with immunological read outs to understand the mode of action of licensed human vaccines and promising clinically tested vaccine adjuvants. The underlying premise is that the results obtained from these research projects can advance the field beyond the state-of-the-art, and inform rational development of new and improved human vaccines.



Group members

Ali M. Harandi MsPh, PhD, Group leader, Associate professor
Josefine Persson PhD, Researcher
Yuan Zhang PhD, Post doc
Thorunn Olafsdottir PhD, Post doc
Amarjit Parmar PhD, Post doc
Jenna Anderson PhD, Post doc 

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