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Molecular mechanisms of innate immune signaling

The image shows macrophages labeled for the nucleus (blue), fused lysosomes and phagosomes (red), and Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria (green). (Image credit to Susanne Herbst, Francis Crick Institute)


Anetta Svitorka Härtlova

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Recently, chronic inflammation has been recognized as one of the hallmarks of the ageing process and the age-related diseases including neurodegeneration and metabolic disorders. However, little is known about the causes and molecular mechanisms that mediate systemic chronic inflammation. There is an increasing appreciation that changes in the tissue microenvironment, such as the accumulation of cell debris and systemic changes in metabolic and hormonal signals, contribute to macrophage polarization and the development of chronic inflammation. Despite its relevance, there is little understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying macrophages’ plasticity required for tissue homeostasis.

The main research interest of the laboratory is to examine the cell type-specific roles of phagocytosis and innate immune sensing pathways in the regulation of inflammatory response using a combination of biochemical, high-resolution mass spectrometry, and image-based approaches in vitro and in conditional knockout mouse models. Our long term goal is to develop therapeutic strategies to modulate these pathways and prevent or treat age-related human diseases.


Possible openings: 
We are always looking for enthusiastic Post-docs, PhDs and master students, so do not hesitate to drop us a message via this contact link.

Group members

Anetta Svitorka Härtlova, PhD., Group leader, Assistant Professor, Wallenberg Centre for Molecular and Translational Medicine (WCMTM)
Sine Kragh Petersen, PhD student
Maria Öberg, PhD student
Daniela Fabrikova, Post-doc
Megan Gant, UK visiting PhD student
Vera Vozandychova, Erasmus PhD student

Dr. Tiaan Heunis, Bioinformatics
Dr. Ivo Fabrik, Mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Dr. Ulf Alexander Wenzel, Post-doc
Linnéa Persson, Master student.

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