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Molecular characterization of neural tumours


Frida Abel

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Solid neural tumours (i.e. CNS and neuroblastoma (NB)) are currently the leading cause of cancer-related mortality and morbidity in children. Among adults, primary brain tumours are the sixth frequent of all cancers. Although the most aggressive forms of neural tumours harbour receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) mutations and amplifications, clinical trials of small-molecule inhibitors targeting individual RTKs have been disappointing to date. Moreover, progress in therapeutic strategies against advanced NB and CNS tumours have not followed the same optimistic trend as leukaemias. Thus there is an important and urgent demand to improve current management for these tumours. New reliable clinical markers for malignancy are needed.

Our research aims is to dissect the underlying mechanisms and pathways in progression in neural tumour types in a Swedish cohort using molecular analyses. By Next generation sequencing (NGS) from CNS-, NB, and pheochromocytoma (PC)/paraganglioma (PG) tumours are mapped.
The powerful NGS technology will be utilized to generate genetic profiles of each patient’s RNA and DNA, forming the basis in the search for prognostic and tumour-specific markers. The many molecular similarities between neural tumour types also encouraged us to use an integrative approach to identify common underlying mechanisms and core signalling pathways in progression.

Specific aims are:
(1) search for structural variations in paediatric neural tumours, e.g. gene fusions and splice-site alterations, through RNA-sequencing .
(2) map somatic and progression-associated variants (single nucleotide variants and indel’s) through Exome-sequencing
(3) define core signalling pathways and prognostic markers by integrative analyses of whole transcriptome expression profiles.

The feasibility of this project is based on a strong network of collaborators spanning from the clinic to advanced bioinformatics and experimental medicine. Our research will hopefully gain fundamental knowledge of tumour development and improve risk assessment for patients with neural tumours. Findings will contribute significantly to personalized healthcare in the future.

Group members

Frida Abel (PhD, group leader)
Tajana Tešan Tomić (PhD, post doc)
Annica Wilzén (MSc, PhD student)

Co-workers at the Dept of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers:
Assoc. Prof. Erik Kristiansson
PhD student Anna Larsson

Co-workers at Clinical Surgery/SU and Cancer centre,:
MD Magnus Tisell
MD Daniel Nilsson
Prof. Bo Wängberg
MD Andreas Muth
Prof. Ola Nilsson

Co-workers at the Queen Silvia’s Childrens hospital:
Prof. Birgitta Lannering
MD, PhD student Magnus Sabel

Sidansvarig: Dan Baeckström|Sidan uppdaterades: 2016-09-29

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